Wood Selection

Sourced by a tight knit group a local suppliers, all wood for our instruments is hand selected to meet our specific needs. All lumber is air dried in our shop for several months to assure maximum stability. We regularly favour domestic lumber for its accessibility and as a sound ecological practice.

'' Heritage inspired ''

Hand Carved Necks

All daddy mojo necks are made of hand selected locally sourced lumber. Each neck is carved in house using proprietary jigs developed over the past several years to guarantee consistency. Each neck is reenforced with a tension block specifically developed to assure stability. All of our Resophonic and solid body necks are hand carved using traditional tools and methods. All of our cigar boxes are hand made using traditional finger joints.

'' Tradition, ingenuity, craftsmanship ''

Local Lumber

We, at daddy mojo, are dedicated in lowering our carbon footprint by favouring local lumber. With this in mind, we have made the switch from Indian rosewood to Canadian roast maple for all of our fingerboards. Roasted Canadian maple has proven to be a particularly stable material due to its slow baking process. It produces the warm tones of rosewood while retaining the sparkle and deep resonances of hard maple.

'' Putting heart to matter ''